Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What Else Can Go Wrong?

Adam notes:

In the last week the following has happened:

  • The mechanism for our garage door has broken. We couldn't get our cars out of the garage to go to work until a repairman arrived. They've temporarily clamped a component so we can use the garage until they can get replacement parts - which they advise will be difficult this time of year. Repair Cost $600+
  • Elissa's car we bought only 5 months ago has started breaking down - multiple times. NRMA have had the car several days and have been unable to identify the cause of the breakdowns. Repair cost: $$$??? but I wouldn't be surprised if it's in the thousands.
  • Adam's Camera has stopped working. I was given it second hand because there were a few marks on the mirror. In the years since then the memory card ejector has broken and it's developed dead pixels but I've learnt to get around all of it's issues until now ... the Power button has broken, and it's unusable.  Replacement Cost $500+
  • Jayde has come down with a sore, swollen arm since sport and dancing late last week at Youth and school. After going to the Physio today, he advised to go to a GP - we did, and we now have ultrasound tests, X-reays and potentially an MRI to try and work out what's wrong. Costs so far: $500+ with another possible $700+ still to go
  • Utility bills have come in for spring - not as bad as winter, but still a mighty chunk of money. Cost $1200+
  • Somebody has put a dent in the side of my car and not left their details. Repair Cost $$$???
  • My car has started making a noise in the engine that suggests something's not right. I want to put it in to get looked at, but we've been a one car family whilst Elissa's car has been in with the NRMA as they try and identify why her's is breaking down. Repair costs for my car $$$???

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