Sunday, December 8, 2013

Seth Makes Us Proud

Elissa is proud.....

A little BLOG not to blow his trumpet but because this is our family journal. A teacher came up to me on Friday and told me how sweet Seth was on the bus to swimming lessons that day - he had stood waiting for all the kindy's to leave before he left.

Then last evening, on our way home from a roadtrip out into the country, we were at McDonalds while the kids ate. I  was reading the newspaper and not being observant and then noticed that Seth had quickly left the table. I looked up and he was holding the door open for a woman who was walking with two canes. Adam and I looked at each other and just beamed. What an observant little boy - to jump up and help someone without being prompted.

We're proud of the kind hearted nature of our little Wombat.

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  1. What a sweetheart - no wonder we love him soooo much xxx