Monday, December 9, 2013

Mintie Christmas Tree

Elissa creates.....

with a lot of help aMmintie Christmas Tree. I have made several small ones of these over the years but when Jewel won a huge Lolly Christmas Tree at the Twilight Fete I was more excited about the Foam Tree underneath than about the lollies (we spent weeks picking up lolly wrappers that Jewel dropped everywhere).

Last Sunday morning - before the "I'm Bored" started (we have afternoon church) I got out the Minties, pins, tinsel and the foam tree. I showed Seth and Jewel how to do it and we had a quiet and happy Sunday morning.

I have it in my office at work for a Christmas Display - Jewel is looking forward to eating them all on Christmas day - she loves Minties.

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  1. Great job kids, try to keep everyone away from it Elissa or it won't get home whole when school finished xxx Remember us doing this together? xxx