Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Memories - Sick as a Dog

Elissa remembers......

a very awful Christmas - the second with Jayde. The first Christmas she was still a baby and too young to appreciate it so we had really looked forward to this Christmas. I was also in the third trimester of my pregnancy with Seth at the time.

I had been out on Christmas Eve visiting a friend in hospital who had just had a baby, and went to the shops to do some last minute shopping. I was hit the quickest I have ever been hit by a gastro bug. It was very violent - I made it to the closest bin in the middle of the shopping centre. I needed help to get home.  After a few hours Adam drove me to the hospital. I was put on a drip to avoid dehyrdation and an injection to stop the vomiting. By the time I got out - Adam was vomiting too.

By morning we were both still vomiting. We gave Jayde her presents and my parents came and grabbed her and she spent the day visiting family with them, while we slept off our sickness.

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  1. I remember that Christmas well, Jayde was so good for us, little darlin' xxx