Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Memories - Christmas Parade

Elissa remembers.....

Every year in Perth there is a Christmas Parade through the City's main streets. It has been happening since I was small (and probably before). I remember as a child watching it on TV - but don't remember ever going.

Several times when our children were small we all went in with Grandma and Grandad. They usually got in early and saved good seats while the young ones had naps and we joined them just in time for the parade.

The kids loved it and spending time with cousins (not sure how much they remember now). My SIL - Alicia and I would always look at each other when the dancing girls went by  (not wearing much) and vowed that our girls would never do dancing :).

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  1. You kids never went because it used to be on Sunday. I started the tradition when Bryce was 1, by then it was on Saturday night. So many memories of those parades and our family gathered together to watch it. I stopped when Matilda was a baby, the parade had become a platform for "Rastafian" type bands, gave me a yucky feeling. Love that photo of Seth and Kaitlyn, it was so spontaneous xxx