Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jewel's Basketball Season Finishes

Adam watches:

Jewel's team got an unexpected bonus after the end of her basketball season. After originally being told the season had ended, they were then told to come back and play a  finals game the following Saturday. Her team had finished the season with a 4-8-1 record from 13 games, and finished in 6th place (from 8 teams), so they weren't expecting a finals game. (and for the record 169 pts for vs 216 pts against).

It turned out all of the teams were given one "finals" game aginst another team. Her team got to play the Radford Cardinals who had finsihed 5th on the ladder. The Vikings played really well as a team, but both sides were defending well and finding it difficult to score. The fact that the Vikings only had 5 girls present due to the game not originally being scheduled meant they had no subs and were tiring at the end of each quarter.

At half time, the score was 2-2, with Jewel having scored the Vikings' 2 points. In the second half, they stood up and had a well earnt a win, with the final score 10-4. Poor Jewel managed to cop a ball in the face late in the game, but the girls were all happy to have played well as a team and won.

The girls then managed to celebrate the win with a end of season lunch/party for the girls and families down at the Kambah adventure playground. We had a sausage sizzle, Easter egg hunt and a few other activities. Most of the girls will be playing again in the upcoming winter season, which is the main competition for the year.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jewel's Clay Creations

Adam looks at small things:

Jewel has gone through a stage of using creative clay to make small little animals and novelties. She's gotten quite good at making them. Soemtimes she designs them free-hand, other times she follows online tutorials. After making them she puts them in the oven to bake and harden them.

Here are a few of the clay creations she gave Sisters Vos and Mauga when they left - a small dragon, a nail polish bottle and a s'more.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Jewel's New Camera

Jewel writes her first blog entry:

hi! its me Jewel! im writing on my parents blog (Adam and Elissa) cause they dont think im old enough(or something like that).

so thats the camera i got! YAY! it's really awesome it can go under water (up to ten meters!!)it has cool styles of taking pictures including; series of pictures, mirror, bubble affect, neon effect, cartoon affect, and diorama effect and thats not all!! you can also put borders around photo's. it can also take movies/video's plus it takes awesome photos!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jewel's Birthday - Caterpillar Cake ver 2.0

Adam eats caterpillar:

Jewel's birthday consisted of the usual exchange of presents in the morning.  It consisted of music CDs from Jayde, modelling clay from Seth, and more music CDs and some heart shaped measuring spoons from Grandma and Grandad. She would also get a card with some money from Nanny and Grandad the following day.

Manirah also had a mug as a present for Jewel later that day after dinner.

We had ordered a Taylor Swift quilt cover for her, which didn't arrive until the day after her birthday. Upon opening the package we discovered the design had nothing to do with Taylor Swift. Elissa contacted the seller m  and they said they'd sold out of the Taylor Swift designs. They have said they'll refund our money - I'm not holding my breath though. In the mean time, we've ended up buying Jewel a camera as a replacement present .... but that's a different post.

By choice her birthday dinner was chicken and cheese enchiladas, followed by Caterpillar Birthday Cake -a  redux of the design done for Jayde several years ago, covered in various Jelly belly flavors.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Jewel's Birthday - Chocolate Poisoning

Adam does not have a sweet-tooth:

We had talked about heading down to the coast on the Canberra Day Public Holiday to celebrate Jewel's Birthday. Unfortunately, Elissa fell off a chair whilst changing a light bulb several days beforehand, and ended up damaging her ankle. We didn't think it was going to be good for Elissa's ankle to be sitting in a car for 5-6 hours on a trip to the coast and back.

As an alternative to going to the coast for her birthday Jewel chose to go out for lunch on the Canberra Day holiday to San Churro's Chocolateria.

We ordered a churro platter (18 churros and 6 chocolate dipping sauces), as well as a chocolate "dessert" and drink for everyone.

Let's just say that we were a little over-ambitious with our ordering, and we all felt very chocolated out by the end of lunch, with each of the kids bringing home 2 cups worth of chocolate left overs. It's certainly a birthday lunch that Jewel will never forget.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Balloon Spectacular

Writes, Adam does:

Last Sunday was the Sister's last Sunday with us. Sister Vos was heading home, and Sister Mauga was being transferred out. They'd both be leaving on the Sunday evening, so we'd arranged to have breakfast at the Canberra Balloon Spectacular on that last Sunday for them , seeing as they'd miss dinner.

Breakfast consisted of Cinnamon scrolls, Bacon & Zucchini Muffins and Pink Lemonade.

Sister Vos mad a farewell present for us - a family photo with her saying "My Family".

There were three main "attraction" balloons this year - a Yoda, an Angry Bird and a Dodo. With the Yoda balloon, the 501st was in attendance, so lots of people getting photos of/with the stormtrooper contingent.

The girls and Sister Missionaries had fun at the end playing around in front of the balloons.

We'd commented to the Sisters about how disappointing it was this year, that normally there are 20+ balloons, and the fun is watching them all take off. There were only 7 balloons in total at Old Parliament House. They'd also announced there wasn't enough breeze for them to take off, so they were inflated but didn't go anywhere.

As we packed up and got to the car, I'd intended to take the Sisters up to the Red Hill lookout for a final "looking out over the city" photo. As we started heading up, we saw that there were over 20 hot air balloons all floating over Lake Burley Griffin. It looks like the majority of the balloons had gone to an alternative take off spot. We headed up Red Hill and went for a short walk to get a view of all of the balloons in sight.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Renting Out A Room to Munirah

Adam notes:

Money has been tight lately , and Elissa started investigating about taking in someone in the spare room to help alleviate costs in the house. After some investigation on relevant online forums, we have a nice Saudi lady by the name of Munirah who moved in to our spare room last Saturday.

Munirah works at the Saudi embassy. She wanted to try and find a local family to move in with to help her with her English. I've told her that she actually speaks English quite well, so I'm not sure how much improvement she'll get with us - especially the way we speak :) (eg Jewel speaking at 100MPH in silly voices.).

Canberra is her third overseas posting, after postings to New Zealand and Ireland. She's following in her Dad's footsteps who was a diplomat as well..

Friday, March 13, 2015

Swimming Carnival Costumes

Elissa creates.....

Costumes for swimming carnivals.

Seth had a theme of Survivor so I made him a Survivor costume.

Jewel had a Captain Taylor costume that I made for when she tried out for a House Captain. She also wore it to the Swimming Carnival.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

YW Swimming Activity

Elissa watches....

For a Young Women activity while Julie was here we did a water awareness activity. We had some of the graduated YW (who are swimming teachers) come and teach the girls about water awareness and survival. It was held in Lisa's pool.

After the lesson it was a free swim time which was fun for everyone. Jewel had to come as well as Adam and Seth were at the cricket that night.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Enlighten Redux With The Young Women

Elissa visits........

We did Enlighten as a family with Julie but we also had set up a night for the YW to go to Enlighten. I thought the lights went on at 7 so we got there for that start time but I was wrong. It did not start till 8. We spent a while down at the boats (which started earlier) before wandering up to the main buildings. We had a picnic blanket and food and spent most of the night enjoying the lights from our blanket eating and talking. We had sparklers as well. The sister missionaries came (we love them), Kylie brought her niece Sarah and Jayde brought a friend from school Bianca. It was a fun and relaxing evening - finished off with birthday cakes for Jayde as it was her birthday.