Saturday, July 4, 2015

Full House! - Dannielle Moves Back In and the Great De-Painting

Adam notes:

Miss Dannielle moved back into our home last Saturday. The upshot of this that Elissa has had to move her sewing room out into the downstairs family room, leaving the old sewing room to become Dannielle's bedroom once again. This resulted in a big clean up of the downstairs area as a whole. Having said that, the actual family room itself is now very crowded.

Elissa worked with the kids and ended up getting a large box of kids books together. These were taken to church the following day to donate to a member who is requesting books to take back to his village in Papua New Guinea for education purposes.

The girls sorted through their Barbies and ended up selling a bunch online for a nominal $10. There' has been other assorted items put up for sale or to giveaway as well, including an old queensize mattress, which we've given away since the photos above were taken.

We ended up going through the downstairs pantry and giving it a big clean up. The previous house owner had been a sign writer and used the pantry as a place for keeping all of his various paints. We sorted through the paints - now at least each 8-10 years old and got rid of most of them. Whilst some were in 4 litre tins or smaller, there were also large 20 litre tubs. It was a lot of work getting them to the car and then to the tip. It looks like one of the tins must have had a hole as blue paint leaked in the car, as all of the lids were intact when we loaded and inloaded them, but there was blue paint spilled through the boot of the Kia. Fortunately I had put newpsaper down in case of any such accident, but some did seep off the paper.

PS Spell checking a blog doesn't always give you the correct intentions.  The blog title "Dannielle Moves Back In and the Great De-Panting" is seen as acceptable by a spell checker whereas "Dannielle Moves Back In and the Great De-Painting" isn't.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Game Day with the Garlands

Adam plays:

Back on the Queen's Birthday holiday we had a games day with the Garlands. They came over before lunch, we ordered in pizzas and then spent the afternoon playing games. We made our way through bouts of Concordia, Ticket to Ride, Smallworld and Seven Wonders, whilst we taught them Alhambra, and they taught us Splendor. I quite liked Splendor. It felt like a faster paced, better graphic version of Alhambra.

We ended up playing into the evening - Elissa had cooked up a mulligatawny soup for everyone for dinner As always, we enjoy our time with the Garlands - talking, nibbling on munchies and playing. We're hoping to catch up for some additional game time during the next lot of school holidays, as well as at WinterCon.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Supanova 2015 - Part 0: Making the Costumes

Elissa sews......

Many months before SupaNova we start discussing costumes.

What does everyone want? What is feasible?  Then we make up our minds and then change them several times.  This especially can happen once the guests for SupaNova are announced.

Seth - Wash from Firefly TV Series
When we saw that Nathan Fillion was coming the kids were excited. They already knew and liked Fillion in Castle, however we then decided to show them Firefly – so they could recognise some of his other work and how Adam Baldwin, another Supanova guest tied in with him. They loved Firefly and the associated movie Serenity.  Seth had a favourite character from the series - “Wash” and so we decided that he could wear his costume.

I thought it would be easy – overalls and an Hawaiian shirt and two dinosaurs. Finding a pattern for the overalls was harder than I expected, and once I got hold of the pattern – making them was fiddlier than I expected.

I have never had slacks before so I had difficulty with a few instructions – but we got there. Luckily I go the material cheap ($2 per metre on special at Spotlight). I was thinking a Hawaiian shirt would also be easy but it wasn’t – finding the right colours without being too expensive was tricky – I ended up finding one fairly close at Rivers – reduced down to $12. Then a few cheap shops and we had our dinosaurs. He wanted a hair cut a few weeks before but I said it had to wait till after Supanova.
Below is the reason why he needed dinosaurs.

Jewel - Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6 Movie
I knew Jewel fairly early wanted Honey Lemon. We knew she already had white leggings, we found some pink sunglasses ($5) and a yellow handbag ($10) in Sydney while shopping a few weeks before Supanova. I thought making a yellow shirt/tunic would be easy and then planned on buying a cardigan and shoes and socks. I had to make up a pattern myself for the Tunic – I don’t like the way the collar sits – the facing does not stay flat. I also don’t like sewing with stretch material so not 100% happy with how it lays. I was hoping to avoid this by buying a yellow cardigan but could not find one that was the right length – so a quick late dash to Lincraft on a reduced material day and I bought several more meters of yellow stretch material (about $10). I found a cardigan of the size I wanted in her wardrobe and cut a pattern off that. It was surprisingly easy. I love the strawberry buttons I found to finish it off (but no button holes – these are display only – do not trust my stretch sewing enough to add in button holes). Still could not find yellow wedge heels (had to be wedge as her first time wearing heels wanted solid – but wedge or not still could not find). Eventually we found (after a lot of looking) some cream wedge heels, in her size for $9. We bought them and a can of yellow spray paint. Two sprays later and we had yellow heels. At the same time as the shoes we bought some orange work socks.

They weren’t perfect but all we could find (Fluro, very fat and black on them). The day before leaving I saw exactly what I needed at the shops and bought a pair of orange socks that were the colour we needed and a better fit ($4).

Elissa - Victorian Dress Steampunk style
I used the costume I made earlier this year and had planned on wearing to Ironfest but didn’t wear because of the weather. I added on Seth’s Pocket watch and bought a top hat from a  cheap shop ($5) and added a sash from material scraps and an old broach to  secure. I had wanted to make a dress from Firefly when I discovered the guests but ran out of time and money.

Jayde - Japanese Lolita fashion style
Jaydes was also decided fairly early – she drew a picture and said that is what I want and several links to explain Lolita Fashion. I found several patterns that could be altered to fit the picture  – no collar, higher neckline and no sleeves. I struggled more with a shirt but found a pattern for a fitted Jacket (amazing two very different results from one pattern) that I made smaller – but with big puffy sleeves. The material and lace came to $75 – on sale from Spotlight (there went my birthday money). It was tricky to sew at times – and time consuming – the hem took hours – as I over locked it, then saw too long and cut and over locked again, then did hem, then added lace, then added ribbon and sewed both sides. That was 18 metres of sewing alone – and the lace and ribbon work all very slow to keep straight. I had a gathering foot to help with the gathering on my overlocker but could not get it to work so after many hours of sewing and unpicking I eventually went to the old method. I loved the buttons ($4) – found them at the same time as Jewels strawberry buttons.

Jayde wanted to make her own headpiece – we worked on it together and I gave her lots of hints. We restarted a few times but it eventually looked how she pictured it. We borrowed one of Dannielle’s petticoats I made her – need to really make one for Jayde. She bought the wig and eye lashed herself. She has worn the dress to church several times since.

Now till next year.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Supanova 2015 - Part 3: The Cosplayers

Adam photographs:

As usual, I've separated out the photos of the cosplayers from the other Supanova blog posts to shorten those and give the cosplayers their own focus. I seem to think that I'm getting worse with my photography each year :(

I've resorted again to using selective colouring to highlight the costumes themselves from the hustle and bustle of the crowds within the Dome.

Cosplayer in front of us in the line waiting to get in

Chestburster from Alien

Saruman from Lord of the Rings

Promogirl at the Magic the Gathering tournament

The Flash and ???

Wonder Woman - suffering for her cosplay - a tad tight?

Snow White and Star Trek Federation officer

Thor and Captain America

Agent Carter and Captain America

Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon

The Terminator - T2 version

Xenomoprh and Predator Jedis :)

Loki and Ironman

Minion from Despicable Me

Belle from Beauty and the Best

Belle from Beauty and the Best

The Blues Brothers

Optimus Prime from Transformers

Jinx from League of Legends - Didn't know who she was but I liked the shark gun :)

Not a great shot, but Kim Possible, Ron & Rufus

I have no idea what/who these were

Ummm, I also had no idea :)

Payday 2 characters arrested by a SWAT team

Members of the 501st

Batman ... what's he doing here?

Jayne masquerading as a stormtrooper?

Batman - Imperial collaborator!

Anna from Frozen

Rebel Pilot 

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Halo variations

Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story
The following are all from a custom cosplay outfit featuring a traditional ronin outfit turned into a 21st Century Neo-Tokyo Japanese soldier.

The ronin's gun detail -  Telescopic sight made from blue and white china with eyeball

Female version of Dr Horrible from Dr Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog

Asgardians or Vikings or neither?


Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

Don't know - looked rather native South American though

Impressive 7 foot tall robot - unsure where from

Big Daddy costume from Bioshock

Some of the more "prevalent" costumes this year were costumes of:

Harley Quinn (I think somebody did a shoot with about 20 or so Harley Quinns)
Deadpool (just like last year)
Jayne's knitted hat and Kaylee from Firefly
Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy
Captain America
And guys wearing skimpy  "Gender bending" costumes of female anime characters.