Monday, September 1, 2014

BrickExpo 2014

Adam bricks out:

The Annual Canberra BrickExpo for Lego enthusiasts was on again last weekend, and we made sure we had our tickets bought weeks beforehand. Unfortunately, Minori was down sick with a cold and decided not to come along, however we were able to arrange to bring one of Seth's friends, James, as a last minute replacement.

Another unfortunate aspect was that I mixed up the times - our session started at 10AM. I thought it was 10:30AM, so by the time we got there at 10:20AM, we'd already missed a quarter of our 90 minute time in the venue.. At least there weren't any long waits in queue now that we were late ... and we still got a photo with the usual 501st members who were entertaining those who were waiting.

Once inside, we split up into several groups - the boys went one way, the girls went another, and I just went around taking photos. First up was a large space diorama featuring a habitat and mining colony near lava.

The next large diorama was a large traditional Japanese themed island.

 There was an Egyptian scene with a pyramid, which on closer inspection, turned out to have a Stargate in the background.

Thre was a massive "Grandstand" for some type of magical sport. Several people commented that it looked very Harry Potter like, but it appeared to be an original creation.

Aargh. Taking forever to get time to do the blog post. I'll let the pictures tell the story. I will mention the first image with the laptop though. Somebody had recreated the shopping mall demolition scene from the Blues Brothers movie as a short Lego animation movie. They had a diorama on display and the Lego recreation of the Blues Brothers playing on the laptop.

Following a re a few Lego mosaics. Most impressive was the dual Snow White / Wicked Queen mosaic, which changed image depending on which side you were looking at the picture - all done with Lego.

Afterwards we went and tried out a yum cha restaurant in Woden. It was nice, but expensive - the bill came to about $160 for us - the most we've eevr paid for yum cha.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Pupil Free Day - Walking The Hills

Adam notes:

The older three kids all had pupil free days at school a couple of Thursdays ago. I ended up taking the day off as well so that I could get my car in for a service.

It was a cloudless almost-Spring day so Seth and I went for a walk up around the nearby hills. He said that he wanted to try and get outdoors more. No complaints with that, and going for a walk is always good from an exercise point of view.

Having climbed up the hills past suburbia we encountered our first part of nature. We bravely went past a flock of sheep. I'm sure that they were ready and primed to attack us at any moment as they intently wathced us as we went past. We were so brave.

See - no clouds

Ready to attack and maul us at the slightest chance

Pushmepullyou two headed sheep?
It's always a nice view from the hills' elevation. We got to see the houses nestled on the hillsides below us, and in the distance a fire - which we presumed must have been a controlled burnoff. Unfortunately, the fire was making some of the views rather hazy.

Less hazy facing away from the fire and towards Castle Hill
As we continued on we found what appeared to be a bunch of burrows in the ground, and with them, tracks made in the grass by whatever lived in the burrows. Whatever was in there wasn't large - too small for wombat burrows, but they were obviously creatures of habit that were large enough to have worn paths in the grass. We followed the paths for a distance before losing them in rockier, less grass covered ground. Still no idea what they were from.

It was a nice little chance fro Seth & I to get out for a walk together and to talk and laugh as we went.