Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Floriade 2014 - Feeding the Fairy Floss To the Dinosaurs

Adam does the flower thing:

We did Floriade two Saturdays ago. We went whilst Seth was playing D&D with his friends, and Jayde was babysitting, so it was just Elissa, Jewel, Minori and myself.

We decided to take the family up on the Ferris Wheel. They have one at Floriade every year, but we'd never been up it before. It was nice - you had a better view of some of the designs.

After the Ferris wheel we headed on over to the commercial pavilions. We hit up some of the regular shops like sweet & sour licorice, fudge, honey doughnuts and the ever present curry stall. Jewel also eyed off some hair clibs in a similar style to Elissa had bought at a previous Floriade.

One of the walkways featured giant white flowers in some type of inflated material. We presume that these are for the nightfest, and more than likely would lit up in coloured lights at night time.

It was a fun afternoon. Minori said she enoyed herself, and Jewel was happy to have gotten her sweet & sour licorice. Jayde will most likely go with her friends during school holidays. We also want to go togther as a family to the Tulip Top Festival if we can make it out there at some point.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Paintballing Activity

Elissa watches....

Several weeks ago (same day as the Gunning Fireworks) the YM had a Paintballing activity that they invited the YW to attend. Jayde, Claudia and Alana all put their hands up. It was on a Saturday between 11AM and 4PM. I dropped them off and had fun watching them get suited up. They were very tired and happy by the time we picked them up. Our kids weren't bruised but several were.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Minori's Year 10 Dance

Adam chauffeurs:

Two Fridays ago was the Year 10 Dance at Minori's school. Minori bought a ticket and was happy to go. Apparently Japanese school don't organise proms or formals like our high schools do, so this was a new experience for her she was excited to try out.

Jayde volunteered to do Minori's makeup for her. Minori was very brave and said Jayde could do it.

We had blogged before about how Minori had grabbed a dress for the dance in Chinatown on our recent trip up to Sydney.

In between dropping Minori off and picking her up at the end of the evning, Elissa and I went out to do shopping and farewell a missionary couple who were going home (the Larkins). There had been some discussion of Jayde maybe coming along at some point for the drop off, but we needed her to stay at home and look after the other two. For some reason, she decided to try and dress up as a boy for Minori's photos and in case she got to come to the drop off with her.

There were a lot of girls at the dance, and some had really glammed up and had boyfriends with them. Minori said that she enjoyed herself, even though she wasn't draped along the arm of a young guy :).

Friday, September 26, 2014

Candy Corn in the Mail

Adam hides stuff from the kids:

We got a pleasant unexpected surprise in the mail a couple of days ago from the Hables:

We may have to reciprocate with some Tim Tams or Licorice Bullets ...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jewel's Learning Journey

Elissa observes.....

Every year there is a "Learning Journey"at school. This is when the parents get to come in first thing in the morning and observe the school work of their children. For years I have had to run around to several different children's classrooms. But this year I only had to go to one - Jewels'.

I got to see a lot of work she had done as well as a play that her class had prepared showcasing their learnt knowledge about different forms of government throughout history. Jewel was a Princess in the Monarchist - who killed her husband on their wedding night.

So proud of my girl and the work she does in class.